Car Servicing in Loughborough with Speedwell Garage

We cover all makes and models of vehicles for your service

Get the most out of your car with comprehensive servicing at Speedwell Garage serving Loughborough

At Speedwell Garage, we have the experience and knowledge that allows us to work on all makes and models of vehicles here in Loughborough. During our comprehensive service, we aim to fit genuine manufacturer service parts or OEM specifications.
We can offer 3 levels of service to cover all aspects of your vehicle.
A regularly serviced car is less likely to break down or fail an MOT test than one that isn’t well maintained. At Speedwell Garage, we make servicing very simple. Our time-served expert technicians have over 80 years of combined experience offering many service-level options to suit all makes and models.

Why choose us to carry out your service?

  • Regularly servicing your car not only prolongs its life of it, but it can significantly reduce, what could potentially be huge costs due to wear and tear, if left to chance.
  • It could help identify any issues before they cause you any problems
  • Potentially offer you greater fuel economy
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • We offer several different types of servicing ranging from a simple oil and filter change, right through to a thorough full service, which in many cases, is far more detailed than the main dealers would be and best of all, at a fraction of the price.
  • All of our parts are either genuine or OE standard, which both carry a full 12-month manufacturer warranty.
  • We never sub contract our work, all service and repairs are done under one roof

What service plans can we offer?

*Additional charges are applied if your vehicle requires platinum or iridium-tipped plugs

Exactly what it says. An oil and filter replacement using either semi or fully-synthetic oils, depending on your vehicle, both of the highest quality. We also will top up all other fluid levels at the same time.


The minor service is a plan we offer for those who just need a general check over, before for example, going on a journey. With this plan, you will get all the benefits of the Lubrication service, plus a visual checkover of the brakes, tyres, exhaust, and suspension.


This combined package We also offer a discount on your annual MOT if you combine it with a Full service. Give us a call or pop into our car garage in Loughborough for more details.


The most popular choice from our customers, the Full service is a thorough examination of all the key features on your vehicle and as a registered member of the Good Garage Scheme, your service will be carried out according to the strict industry standards checklist. Not only do we replace the oil and filter, but we include products to remove internal contamination first. We will also replace the spark plugs*, air filter and fuel filter (depending on the fuel type of the vehicle). If this isn't enough, we also remove all of the wheels, check & record your tyre conditions and pressures, check and adjust your brakes and clean out any deposit build-up. The suspension, exhaust and electrics are also checked out.