Car Diagnostics Testing Loughborough with Speedwell Garage

We can diagnose all European cars and most Asian ones too

Are you looking for a garage serving Loughborough for car daisgnostics testing? The good news is you no longer have to take your car to the main dealers to have these faults checked out. Here at Speedwell, we can do just that for you. Warning light on?…then call in today and let our time-served technicians find out what the problem is.
Warning lights can suddenly appear at any time when you’re driving your car. The average car has hundreds of sensors constantly reporting feedback about how they are performing back to the ECU.
If a warning light appears, or you just feel like something just isn’t quite right, an initial diagnostic test can potentially save you a lot of money in the long run.
We also offer an ECU health check, which is a full intelligent scan of all your vehicle’s electrical systems.