Common symptoms of an exhaust fault -

  1. Unusual noises when the engine is idle, or at high speed.
  2. Vibrations felt in the cabin
  3. Excessively loud exhaust noise which could fail the MOT test.


Catalytic Converters (CAT's) are fitted to all cars manufactured from 1993. The main job of the CAT, is to remove harmful pollution produced by the vehicles gasses. The engine management system controls, via sensors, all the gasses that enter and leave the CAT. 

Over time, the performance of the CAT can decrease due to bad driving habits, or lack of servicing which can result in expensive replacement costs. The effectiveness of the CAT, is tested during an MOT test, via its exhaust gas emissions.

If your exhaust or catalytic converter is in need of replacement, we can supply and fit a new one of the highest quality, at a fraction of the dealer costs and still provide you with a warranty. 



whats included in the CHECKS?

whats the purpose of the exhaust?

  1. A visual examination of the complete exhaust system.
  2. A check of the exhaust mounts
  3. A check for any harmful gas leaks
  4. An emmission test

Call in or alternatively arrange an appointment of your choice and we will check the condition of your vehicles exhaust system FREE of charge.

After we have made our assessment, a report and quote will be made for the repair work required.

We can check your exhaust system out any time you wish. If we suspect that part of it needs replacing, we can supply fit and test it usually within the same day.  We can also supply exhaust systems to suit your budget.

Contact us today for a FREE exhaust check.

What is a catalytic converter? -

Your exhaust system has one main job which is to remove all the harmful gasses produced from the cars engine. The exhaust runs right from the front to the rear of the vehicle. Over time, your exhaust may start to leak, which is purely a factor of corrosion. You may notice this leak as it sounds a lot louder

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