Call in today, or alternatively book an appointment for us to check your vehicles brakes out FREE of charge. We will carry out a thorough examination of the condition of the braking system. Should there be any issues, we will contact you and explain what needs doing. 
In some cases we may need to road test your vehicle so that we can pick out any noises related.

Common symptoms of brake faults -

At Speedwell Garage, we stock a wide range of brakes for all different types of vehicles, so you don't have to worry about us getting hold of parts.  If we don't happen to have them in, we can usually get them delivered within the hour.  We aim to be as competitive as possible with our rivals, but our main aim is to keep the level of quality as high as possible using only the best quality brands available. 

  1. Brake pad and disc wear/condition
  2. Brake shoe wear/condition
  3. An examination of the brake callipers and cylinders
  4. The hydraulic brake pipes and flexible hoses
  5. The brake master cylinder
  6. The condition of the brake fluid



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whats included in the CHECKS?

  1. Vibrations

  2. Unusual sounds

  3. Grinding noise

  4. The brake pedal pulsating

  5. Brake warning lights illuminating including ABS

  6. Vehicle pulling to one side when brakes applied


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