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what we offer-

battery facts-

We can provide batteries to suit all budgets, whether its the cheapest on the market, to the more advanced higher quality ones. We cater for both petrol and diesels including heavy duties.  Either way we provide 2 to 4 year guarantees, so should it let you down within that time, simply call back in for a straight swap, no hassle.



  1. Every year up to a fifth of vehicles on the road will require a new battery, however, you can take years off the life expectancy by simply not charging it enough.
  2. Modern day batteries take far longer to fully charge whilst being placed under even greater demands by the vehicles technology, using on average, 3 times the electrical current of  a car back in the 1970's.
  3. It can take up to eight hours of continuous driving to fully charge a battery with no extra load applied.
  4. By doing only short journeys, it will reduce the battery life considerably lower than usual.

Will your car get through another cold winter without letting you down?

Don't give into chance. Call Speedwell and let us check your battery and charging system out. If we suspect that you need a replacement, we can supply and fit one at the same time.